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May Ray Of Light — Tara Higgs

Where are you from: Live in Effingham, IL, but born and raised in Allentown, PAtara
What is something about yourself that we may not know? I was a state performing violinist in high school. I went to states 3 years in a row.
I recently brought my violin home from my parents house in PA, and I am wanting to take lessons and possibly play in the band at church.
How long have you been a savage girl and why did you join? I have been with Savage since Jan 2017. I have admired Cathy for many years before even learning about Savage. I, honestly idolize Cathy and what she has created through Savage And through Isagenix. I love how she coaches all of us girls to live our lives. Since joining Savage and working with Cathy through her academy, I have seen extreme growth in my lifestyle coaching business. Savage to me is “home”, and I will never leave. There are no other group of women in the world like Savage girls!
What advise would you give to someone just starting? Listen and trust your coach. They know what they are doing, and they will guide you to meet your goals, but if you don’t listen to them, then there is no one to blame but yourself if you didn’t meet your goals.
I like goals
I eat healthy
I do care
I am thankful

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