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March Ray Of Light — Adrianne Webster

Where are you from? I grew up in Cottage Grove Minnesota (SKOL VIKINGS!) but I now reside on a Farm in Elmwood (ElPaso) Wisconsin withadrienne my Husband Adam and our two beautiful Children Jackson (16) and Morgan (13)

What is something about yourself that we might not know? Most people are shocked to find out that I married my high school sweetheart at just 17 years old. In July we will be celebrating our 18th Wedding Anniversary! Also I am a MAJOR introvert and get very awkward and uncomfortable in groups of people. It’s something I am constantly working on.

How long have you been a Savage Girl and why did you join? I have been a Savage Girl off and on since 2009. Coach Mel was my very first coach. When I’m a part of Team Savage I feel home which is why I am here to stay!

What advice would you give to someone just getting started with Cathy Savage Fitness? Trust the process and listen to your coach. Also the biggest thing that has changed my life is the mindset talks, so do yourself a favor and don’t miss them. They will definitely change your life if you put them into practice! And last but not least Enjoy the process! This is a journey not a destination, so you might as well make it fun. Nourish your body , train hard, and treat yourself with love and respect and watch the “Magic” happen.

Fill in the Blank
I eat… PIZZA (G-Free)

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