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March Monthly Challenge

Grab any notebook and become a journaler!! Set aside 15 minutes/day and just write.
Journaling helps you to get your thoughts out of your mind. Helps you work through some challenges.
There is something about writing stuff on paper that helps to imprint it in your brain.
When I started journaling I started with this journal. It gives you the prompts and takes 5 minutes. You can also use any notebook. I buy my at Marshalls.
Wanna to try it on your own. You can start with free writing just what comes to your mind OR you can use some of the following prompts to get you going.

What qualities do you love about yourself?

  • What new clothes do you want for this spring and summer?
  • Revisit your 90 day goal — where are you?
  • Describe your ideal vacation
  • Write out 5 things that you would love to try this year
  • Books you’d love to read this year
  • My fitness goal for this month is ……
  • My business goal for this month is …..
  • Look outside your window and describe what you see.
  • I am so super excited about __________

  • What have I been hiding/running away from? Why? (And then: What do I need to do?)

  • I commit to letting go of ________

  • What do I actually NEED right now?

  • Who do I need to reach out to this week (and why)?

  • In order to succeed, I am willing to _________

  • What’s your most favorite place in the world? Why?

  • What are you ready to release?

  • What’s your biggest success from today/this past week/this past month/this past year?

  • Who’s one of your heroes? What would you do if you ever met him/her?

  • What is your fav childhood memory?


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