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Listen to What Your Body Says It Wants When It Wants It

Part of what results in diet failure is your inability to be flexible with yourself. You feel like in order to have success you need to be so strict, and if you don’t adhere to a cemented guideline of what you can Got Cravings?eat, what time you can eat it, and how much you ought to eat.

Good grief that’s a lot to think about on top of what’s going on in your freaking life!!

Ladies, our bodies have a number of fine-tuned systems that we were born with.  When you were a baby you cried when you were hungry, when you were satisfied you stopped eating. As babies, your system knew what it liked, knew when it felt like eating more, and knew exactly how much to consume.

When you feel like you are getting out of control I challenge you to go back to really start listening to your body. If you wake up one morning craving something sweet, and you use your “willpower” to get through that craving and then it comes back then you’re going to feel like you’ve been denied unless you indulge a bit in it.  Work with your coach to find creative solutions to bring in some foods into your nutrition plan that will keep you from losing your stuff.

If you follow the rule of moderation, then it won’t be the end of the world if you have an IsaDelight or a rice cake with some almond butter on it in the morning, right after dinner or when that 4pm slump hits you.

Guess what when you take the pressure off yourself you are less like to lose your shit and go on a food bender.

Think about it, doesn’t denying yourself only makes you think about it all day long or when you finally do “give in” you go on a bender and you feel like a failure. If you enjoyed the treat without guilt, then you’ll be much more inclined to easily go right back to eating normally for the rest of the day because the urge has passed – you satisfied it.

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