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July Theme: Freedom

Raise a glass to freedom!! Welcome to July. Our theme  this month is FREEDOMjumpingwomen

Summer is now in full swing! How fit do you feel ?How free do you feel?
If you took a poll, I imagine many people would say they have more incentive to keep their workouts and nutrition protocol at an all time high. But others may say differently.

Many folks look at Summer as “time off”. Sadly, they think their nutrition and training needs a vacation.
My friends, dont fall for the vacation mode philosophy. Aim for a LIFESTYLE all year long.
Enjoy your workouts freely so much that you cant wait to wake up in the morning and sweat!
Feel the grace of eating nutrient dense foods all year long- with appreciation and knowing that you are “eating from the earth”

Goals should not feel like a prison sentence. Goals should uplift you and free you!
I cant tell you that the Savage coaches are all about helping you set exciting goals that you can look forward to achieving. Having the FREEDOM to even reach for a goal lights me up!
So raise a glass to freedom and cheers to an exciting July!

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