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July Push Up Challenge

How many push ups can you do in 1 minute!!! push-ups-888024_1920

Buy in: By July 5th 12 midnight EST post a time lapsed video of you doing your push ups. You can do it knees or toes (we’ll have 2 separate categories)
Count how many you are able to do with good form. If you start on your toes you can’t drop to your knees.

Your chest MUST hit a sneaker in order for it to be counted as a rep!

Each week on Sunday by 12 midnight EST you must post another time lapsed video. Include the number fo pushups you were able to do. Submissions after 12 midnight EST will NOT count!

The person who improves the most over the course fo July will will a prize. (Again there will be a category for knees and toe push ups)
You must submit video weekly vis FB group to be eligible.

Last submission due Sunday, July 26th 12 midnight EST. 

Any questions, please email Kim at infosavagefitness


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