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How to Break Down Big Goals So They’re More Doable

We all need to give ourselves ambitious and exciting goals, but when your goal feels big, how can you break it down to make it more manageable? If it’s a long-term goal, how do you keep Got Goals___ (1)yourself going without losing momentum? The key is breaking your goals down and making each little part of it as achievable as you possibly can. Plus celebrating the HECK out of each milestone you reach.

Figure out what your goal is
You might have goals such as ‘toner body’ or ‘build a business, but these aren’t really defined in a specific way. You should figure out exactly what your goal is if you haven’t already, and make it is specific and measurable as you can. Give yourself a timeline and deadline by which you want to have achieved your goal.

Work out the challenges
Once you know exactly what your overall goal is, identify the challenges and barriers that you may need to overcome. If your goal is to go to the gym 5 times a week, what do you need to do to achieve this? Do you need childcare? Do you need a gym membership? What will you do you if aren’t able to make it to the gym? What are your obstacles and challenges? These are the questions which you should ask yourself. This way you won’t be surprised when obstacles appear. You will have already made your plan b.

Decide on some smaller goals
When you know your overall goal and you also know what challenges you will face along the way, you can then set smaller goals in the hope of breaking down these barriers and eventually meeting your overall goal.

The smaller goals which your big goal is broken down into should come from the challenges that you have identified. There are likely to be gaps which are prevented you from achieving your goal – what can you do to fill these gaps and make it easier to reach your goal? Each one of your smaller goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound. Set a deadline for each of them but be kind to yourself and flexible enough so that you don’t become demotivated from working towards your goal.

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