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Finding the Source of Your Motivation

You know what needs to be done. It’s obvious when you look at yourself or what lies around you. You have your workouts and your 2womenlookingnutrition plan – but somehow, you lack the motivation to to move to square one.

Success can’t be achieved without motivation. Where can you find motivation? Where can you turn for the inspiration that help you to take consistent action? I really wish the same kinds of motivation worked for everyone. We’re all motivated by different things.

You may be motivated by seeing yourself finishing the task and reaching the goal. It could stepping on stage, wearing a bikini on the beach without covering up or finishing the isabody challenge, or not cheating on you diet. Seeing yourself as hititng these goals could motivate you to travel the road to success.

Visualize completion. Never lose sight of your ultimate goal. Believe that you’re going to get what you want and push forward with renewed motivation. You know that success is not just an option but is a real fact. Believe this and motivation is easy.

Preparation fuels motivation. The beauty of this program is that you have ALL the information that you need. All you need to do is APPLY!! Motivation is fueled by knowledge followed closely by persistence. Once you get started keep going. It’s in the consistency that you will see the resuts.

Change your environment. New surroundings often give you a renewed outlook on your life. It can be something simple. Taking a class at the gym, going to a different gym or taking a walk in nature.

This also includes surrounding yourself with positive people. When you’re around positive and successful friends their attitude rubs off on you. You absorb their energy. I don’t think I need to tell you that when you are around negative people they can suck your dry of energy.

Take a look at your actions are they working toward your goal. Are there different things that can be done? Are you doing all that you can do? This isn’t about beast mode it’s about taking daily action.

Do something for others. When we do for others we find motivation within ourselves. Many times the way to achieve your goal is to help others hit theirs. This doesn’t mean preach at them. Invite someone to a yoga classs or green juice.

Some find a motivational source by watching a You Tube video, listening to a podcast, talking to a like minded person or reading. Keep an inspiration handy at all times. Hearing positive affirmations can be effective too.

Motivation comes from many different sources and you must find what works for you from within. Believe in yourself. Anticipate the good that will happen in your life. Never fear the bad. Do this and motivation is yours.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

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