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February 2018 Wall Sit Challenge

Ladies it’s back, last year we did and now let’s see how you do this year.

Here were our winners from last year.

34 and under


  1. Meredith Butulis – 9:48
  2. Monica Keena – 6:09.43
  3. Kelly Osterling – 3:02.22
  4. Julia Wyper – 2:09.75
  5. Kristi Bernstein – 2:05.00

45 and over

  1. Jackie LeClaire – 15:05.84
  2. Kimberly Post – 3:20.66
  3. Dawn Gagliardi – 2:35.17


  • Assume a “chair” position against a sturdy wall. Start leaning against the wall, then slide down into a seated position.
  • Create a 90 degree angle at the knee, and the hip.  Thighs will be parallel to the floor.
  • Keep back and head against the wall, and arms down by your sides (not on your knees) at ALL times.  No leaning forward.
  • Start timer once you get into position.  Stop timer when you can no longer keep the wall sit position.
  • Send results to Kim, along with your full name and age category. All results must be received by 2/28/18

wall sit


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