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December is here and this month,  is all about “Finding your Joy”. Joy is different than happiness. To me,girlblowingsnow being happy is a reaction or temporary emotion but “joy” is more of a condition. Living a “joyful” life and being able to find the joy each day, in your life is a choice. This month, focus on the people that bring you joy. Notice I didn’t say focus on the things? Focus on the people in your life first.  If we aren’t careful, December can bring forth stress and a “rushed” emotion.  But why? It doesn’t have to be that way. Each day, find the joy in a relationship you have, a friend or someone you have connected with online. The season is meant to be about love, family, hope, grace and JOY. If you cant find it around you,  then maybe it needs to start with you. Spread it wherever you go!


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