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December Ray Of Light: Ada Sanchez

Where are you from ?IMG_5504
Originally from Puerto Rico, now in Arizona

What is something about yourself that we might not know?
I began singing at a very young age. When I think back of my earliest years, I remember having a microphone on my hands, even though I was a HUGE introvert, on stage once I held that mic, all fears were gone. The same feeling was felt later when I began to dance. I fought through the fear, stopped telling myself what everyone called me, “An introvert”, and pushed myself to believe, we all have a voice, and it needs to be heard.

How long have you been a Savage Girl and why did you join?
I joined Savage about 2 years. However, I took the name to heart, and remained because of the tremendous tribe I seen, experience, and still grow from daily. In the beginning, I entered because I wanted to learn from the amazing Cathy Savage, simply something about her I couldn’t shake off, I felt I needed to be around and learn from the best. Then, oh then, I saw who my new momma was, and my new sisters, this is what made the difference and keeps me here everyday, and will for a very long time. It’s through Cathy we get to experience the love God has for us. Cathy teaches us to see and celebrate our individuality. She teaches us to “Breathe”, focus on the what makes sense and those things that will change our lives. It’s through her, I was able to learn much about myself, believe in myself again, and accept myself, no matter who would say what, when, where or how. Then the sisters, what I can say about these women that has not been said before? These girls teach you how a true family loves, cheers, and protects. Through these women I have learned, we ALL go through roller coasters in life, no one is an exception to the rule, however, it’s how we handle it from that point forward that matters. I see strength, but I also love. Everything every woman seeks for in a friend, they find in this tribe.
Real women, real mothers, wives, leaders, and business women truly wanting the BEST for each other, no one left behind. It’s truly the tribe all women need.

What advice would go give to someone just getting started with Cathy Savage Fitness?

Haha. The BEST advice I would give someone starting with Cathy Savage Fitness would be fasten your seatbelt, this ride will shock you. I won’t lie, it will be a bumpy ride, because once you join this team, it’s in the point of your life you already KNOW you need change, and change will happen. Understand this is not like or remotely close to being compared to any other tribe. This is the change you have been seeking for, FOR YEARS, and you know it. If you’re like me, the fact that I knew it, scared me. Haha, THAT’S OK! Go for it anyway! Be coachable, at times you won’t understand why you are asked to do, what you will be asked to do, but do-it-anyway. Don’t question it, just do it! Let’s be honest, if we knew best, we wouldn’t be here, and you wouldn’t feel the hunger you are feeling right and/or have been feeling for a long time.

Come in with an open heart, open mind and see yourself change tremendously

Fill in the blank (one word)

I like change
I eat healthy
I do life
I am stronger

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