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Cathy’s Message for February 2017

Cathy Savage


Welcome to February! Naturally Our theme is LOVE. In the month, when love is in the air, we want to remind you all that HEART HEALTH is something we do not take lightly! All month, in our membership we will discuss ways to be “good to your heart”. We hope to encourage others to invest in their heart health by making better choices in nutrition, managing their stress and moving their body every day!

This month will also be dedicated to the “Law of Attractio”n and the six key areas of Life. We are going to focus on:
I feel very strongly about the Law of Attraction and this month, we are going to cover the following key areas of life!
1- Personal Goals (what you want to do, be and have)
2- Relationships-how to communicate better with your friends, family and colleagues
3- Health and Body– of course!! Wellness, your nutrition and training and yes, BODY IMAGE!!
4-Careers- Helping you with branding fro any business, hobby or passion
5- Recreation– focusing on how you can ease into things that bring you joy and fun
6-Financial– Helping you manage finances so that you are financially FIT! Stress comes usually from money and we want to help ease that why providing you with education and helpful tips!
7- Contribution– Earlier in the year, our Savage Girls choose a platform or cause of which to become aligned with. This is not a FINANCIAL piece, but rather TIME. We are continuing this to create a wave of service in our world. Together, we can make the world better simply by bringing to light, issues that touch us! We have all selected an organization or cause to become aligned with. We have offered our time or volunteerism  in our local communities to create a “ripple” effect that could start a movement!
 So this month, let us be good to ourselves and spread LOVE wherever we go. It begins with us and together, we can make a ripple effect for change in this world.

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