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Welcome To July

Welcome to July! This month is all about FREEDOM! Sure, we all want to be free- The month of July conjures up the ideas of vacation, time off, and more celebrations! So how fireworks-804838_1920does this factor into your goals?
Well, the best way to handle this is to up level your workouts. The intensity is key!! You know you are going to be eating more.

You have the freedom to do so!
So if you up level your intensity, sweat a little more and stay active- then you can open up your nutrition!!
So this month, we give ourselves the freedom to enjoy social gatherings, to have a little glass of something you otherwise wouldn’t have, and HAVE FUN!

HOWEVER!! This means- we don’t go overboard on overeating, we check in consistently and we never miss our workouts!!!

Check ins are vital to your success, engaging in our weekly mindset masterclasses on our private Fb page and our coaching FB lives (that take place weekly) are the ingredients you need to make the shift into greatness!

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