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August Message

August is here. Where has the Summer gone? It seems like only yesterday that the kids were getting out of school for the Summer. How about you?

Young Party People having fun at the beach
Do you sometimes feel like life is in warp speed? Well, nonetheless, it is time to start gearing up Fall goals, Fall wardrobes and transitions.
Living in New England, I can say that Autumn is my favorite season. I loom forward to the leaves changing color but geez, Im totally not ready for it!

One thing I can work on for now, is how my “August” looks!
This month we are givIng our members, a weekly goal.
Sometimes it is about a workout detail, other times it is about a nutrition strategy and many times it is about mindset.
For example, during the last week in July, we asked our members to stop “scrolling” so much on social media.
August will be a time for us to unveil 3 new programs in out membership. We are always ready to give the best service to each and every member. We are essentially only one of the few programs out there will full customization for such an affordable price. Sadly there are so many coaching programs in the marketplace for fitness and biz coaching where the “coach” simply has good tech. The fluff is on overload and it drives me crazy.
Im so proud that we were the first program of its kind  and we continue to exhibit the most coveted results in the industry.
When health is first, the results appear and last the test of time!
Our theme for August is PREPARATION.  Our team is limitless and together we are preparing for even more greatness ahead!!

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