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August Message

Our theme this month is Adrenaline. Some consider August to be a LAZY month! I say NO
WAY!! It is time to turn up the adrenaline and speed toward our goals! Get outside, get on a
track, and sweat like never before. Naturally, we want you to stay hydrated!
August is the last official full month of Summer so lets#39;s not waste it by going with one foot in the
ocean. Let’s DIVE right into our goals and not take one moment for granted!
We start our CLIMB Elite workouts as an addition to our current training! The CLIMB is for
women who are serious about their goals, serious about building muscle and serious for

We also begin our Fall Goal Prep. I know it seems hard to believe that we are already talking
about the Fall but we need to stay the course to achieve what we want! So we fuel the heck out
of our bodies and we have stellar training regimens!

So here we go! I’m excited – are you??

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