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April: Renewal

The month of April is here. Our theme is RENEWAL. Glimpses of Spring are showing up here in New England and likely where you are as well. The whole notion of SPRING conjures up feelings of renewalrenewal, hope, bliss and joy. While the world hasn’t really been able to experience these feelings with abundance, we are all hoping for better days ahead as a planet. With all that is happening, we can always find a way to see the best in each other, and to “find the good”. Trust me, it is everywhere!
Our workouts for April are a combination of Home and Gym style so you can pick and choose, based on your current situation with state guidelines!
As you know I have mentioned the 7 Realms of Lifestyle Success in various Facebook Lives and in some emails!! I am super fired up to initiate this during late April. So many areas of our lives will determine how we feel. It is not just what you eat or how you train!

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