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5 Reasons Why We Struggle To Break Bad Habits

Yes, it can be a challenge to break bad habits, even though we know we should. Why is that? If you know that you need to make a change why can’t you just say from this day forward habits_Full
I change! There are many reasons why breaking bad habits is difficult, and 5 of the most common are listed here.

1 – We Don’t Give the Process Enough Time

For years we thought it took 21 days to change a habit.  Then in 2009 research found that it requires approximately 66 days to establish a routine or behavior. One of the main reasons
why we fail is who don’t give ourselves enough time. We expect too much too soon.

Instead give yourself the space and grace to the necessary changes.

2 – We Don’t Treat the Underlying Cause of the Behavior

We think that it’s willpower helps change our behavior. Instead of relying on willpower, it’s all about taking a look at the root cause or your behavior. When you identify and treat your
responses to emotional scars it can help lead to more success in defeating bad habits.

This make take some time, but it’s well worth taking the time to figure out what is causing you to not take consistent action.

3 – We Don’t Avoid Harmful Triggers

Do you find that when you are in certain environments, negative behaviors come out to play. Jim Rohn says you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. If you are
spending your time with folks who don’t go to the gym or leave a healthy life it can be very challenging to motivate to make a healthy lifestyle shift.

4 – Your “Why” Isn’t Big Enough

We’ve talked about this before, your WHY has to be so important and significant to you that you can’t help but take action. Over the years, I’ve seen that failure comes from a lack of motivation.

You may say you want to break a bad habit, but your reasons for doing so simply aren’t big enough.

5 – Fulfill Your Negative Need

Every bad habit needs to be replaced with a positive one. If you spend hours each day on social media, that need for socialization has to be replaced by a healthy alternative.


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