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4 Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness

Mindfulness is essentially the practice of focusing on your immediate surroundings. When I say be more lesly-juarez-307974-unsplashmindful most of you immediately thought meditation, yoga or some form of controlled breathing, etc. Mindfulness is more than that. It’s simply clearing your mind and focus only on what is around you. Now in today’s busy hectic world that is a challenge!

Taking the time to do this is HUGE!!

An improved ability to focus
I’m so guilty of not being able to focus on the task at hand, my mind wanders like a toddler. I know I’m not alone in this, we live in a world of overload. Worrying about ALL the things that you need to do or didn’t do. Not being unable to focus can lead to problems in both your work and home life. Mindfulness trains people to focus their minds on things like their surroundings, their own body, etc.

Greater control over their emotions
A major component of mindfulness is learning how to channel your emotions and feelings. Not being able to feel or express your feelings lead to emotional eating, not “feeling” like do anything or myriad of other destructive behaviors. If you don’t have feel like you have control over your emotions get in line, you aren’t alone. Mindfulness requires you to channel your emotions. Because of this, during highly stressful or otherwise emotional times, mindful people are able to take a few minutes, calm themselves down, and think rationally. Now this is freeing!!!

Reduced stress levels
The main reason I focus on being more mindful is that I was a big stressball! Mindfulness is how it alleviate most of my stress. Everyone has to deal with some level of stress. Stress can be crippling. Practicing mindfulness can’t make the source of your stress go away, but it can help you cope with it more effectively than other stress relief strategies. You clear your mind and focus on things that don’t cause stress. For me it’s all about the flip flops and the beach, seriously if you are stressed when you think of that, we need to talk! When you go to your “happy place” your mind can’t be clouded by stress, it gives you time to think about solutions to whatever it is that is causing the stress in the first place.

Better memory
Practicing mindfulness is able to improve your memory for two reasons. Firstly, stress (which mindfulness alleviates) can make your memory worse. So, by getting rid of stress, mindfulness helps you to be able to focus and remember things better. It’s also a workout for your brain. Your brain is like a muscle, by working out your brain, it gets stronger.

What can you do to be a bit more mindful?

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