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3 Benefits Of Planning

Some people are more organized and better at planning than others, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t something everyone should try to do often. Planning doesn’t mean calendarplanspending every moment of your life trying to stay organized, but it does mean recognizing the times when planning would really help you to be more effective. Many of you tell your coaches the day got away from you are that you are overwhelmed. Planning can help you combat both of those situations.

Here are some of the benefits of planning.

1. It can help you to de-stress
Whether you’re easily stressed or not, there are very few people in life who rarely ever experience the feeling of stress. If you know someone point them out, I want to meet them. One of the benefits of planning is that it can help you to feel less stressed and more organized, which in turn can minimize any symptoms of anxiety you may be prone to feeling. Your thinking will be more clearly organized in your head and therefore you’ll feel like things are clearer. It gives you a blueprint to follow for the day.

2. It helps resolve any issues in advance
While playing it by ear might seem a more relaxed option, in the long term it can cause a lot more problems. Without planning, you won’t be able to identify any potential issues until it’s likely too late to properly fix it. For example, if you make a 90-day plan, you’ll have enough time to consider any pitfalls or problems and fix them – if you make it up as you go along then any problems could seriously hinder the effectiveness of your actions.

3. Saves you from having wall kicking moments
One of the many reasons it make sense to take the time to finalize formal plans is because of the planning can save time, money and mental headspace. While it might not seem like planning could really make so much of a difference, think about all times when you didn’t’ plan and beat yourself up with all the woulda, coulda, shoula’s.

  • Going in to with a plan is you making a decision that it’s going to work.
  • Having a plan is you deciding that winging is, no longer serves you.
  • Having a plan is you taking action and moving towards your goal.

Not sure how to do this?? That is where you coach can help. You don’t need to send a formal check in, in order for her to be able to help you with a plan. BTW… a plan is just having a new meal plan; a plan is how are you going to execute so that you aren’t always pressing the reboot button.

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