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July Ray of Light: Rose-Anne Tedford

Where are you from ? Ottawa, Ontario Canadarobin

What is something about yourself that we might not know? I’m a wife to an amazing husband, I have two incredible kids and love to travel and camp.

How long have you been a Savage Girl and why did you join?  Since November 2017. Has been a dream for a few years. Had a different coach and I believe my health suffered because of it and her values were not in line with my own….I knew Savage was different…healthy…and classy!! Not to mention the support..I love everything about this tribe..

What advice would go give to someone just getting started with Cathy Savage Fitness? Relax and have fun. Trust your coach. Trust the process.

Fill in the blank (one word)
I like camping.
I eat variety.
I do my best.
I am enough.

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