Camper Comments

Here is what our campers have said about their experience!

With excitement through the roof, the 5 hour drive with my 2 Savage Sisters ends in the CSF parking lot!!! Whoop whoop!! Upon entering “THE” studio, I am greeted by the CSF Staff who are absolutely wonderful! As the room begins to fill with other Savage Sisters, the laughter and enthusiasm fill the room to no end. All the while I am thinking….this is totally gonna rock!

My Trainer Julie Costa is there greeting me with a huge smile! So so wonderful to be able to put it all together: name, voice and face to enhance our daily email connections. I can’t thank Julie enough for helping me to set my goals and guide and encourage me on my journey as I work to fulfill my dreams one at a time :)

Meeting Lori Harder, Lindsay Messina and Annette Perry I was star struck! Icons at their finest…right there in front of me…and taking photo’s with ME!! Oh yeah! But then….it was time….Cathy Savage arrived! OMG it’s really her!! Mama Savage in person :) Listening to the evenings discussions and interactions with all, totally confirms my passion for being here!

Saturday morning couldn’t get here fast enough as we all began our big first day at camp! From the workouts to walking/posing to beauty and nutrition, we hit every highlight important to making the journey all it can be! Not to mention the personal assessment with Cathy which tied it all together in a nice neat package!

The opportunity to meet Savage Sisters from all over was incredible! My weekend experience physically and emotionally fulfilling from start to finish!

Surrounded by beautifully wonderful women from all walks, it becomes crystal clear that being a Savage Girl entails respect, caring, hard work, perseverance topped off with class and sass.

I absolutely cannot wait to arrive at Mohegan Sun in April and Miami in June sporting my Savage Gear and strutting with my Savage Sisters :)))) The goal is set and I’m clicking!!!

A Happy Camper ~ Patti Kimball
Boston 2011 Camper

I was so excited, as I booked the camp in West Palm Beach, especially because I wanted to meet Cathy and her great team live! So I booked my flight from far Switzerland to Miami, did rent a car and drove to West Palm Beach to meet them! And yes, they are really all so kind and great, like they look on pictures and on their videos, which I watched before I flew to the camp…Well, I met as well many pretty and very nice girls which attended the camp too, and Cathy’s right: it’s really a sisterhood! I was even accepted as a foreigner :) I had fear, that my endurance for the camp wouldn’t be enough, but I’ve been wrong: as long as one is motivated to reach a personally goal and believing in yourself, the workout difficulty was no longer in the foreground, also the understanding of the language, I’ve never thought, that I would come along so well.I’d like to thank Cathy, she is an admirable personality! My long journey was worth it, you’re so amazing!! Love you!Jana Kovacovic, Camp Savage West Palm Beach 2011

Let me start by telling you that my fear of flying is so intense I changed my honeymoon last year from the Bahamas to Florida because I refused to get on a plane, EVER. Of course, I also work for the US Air Force and am around planes every day of my life. (Gotta love the irony.) So obviously I knew what I was getting myself into when I signed up for Camp Savage Boston last November. After failing to convince ANYONE I knew to spend twenty hours in a cramped car driving to Boston with me (can’t blame them), I knew I had no choice but to fly. Fortunately a wonderful Savage Girl, Allison Cox, agreed to fly with me. I believe her first text to me was “I’ll babysit you on the plane ride to Boston, don’t worry”. And she did, from the minute she met me (crying and wailing on a bench outside the Atlanta airport) until we touched down in Boston. I’m proud to say that as I walked off the plane the pilots handed me and the two 3 and 4 year old children in front of me our official wings. And, honestly, every single panic attack I had for the three months leading up to camp was 150% worth it. The support and love you feel when you walk into the studio is amazing, almost indescribable. If I have a down day, I can just think back to Camp to find my motivation again. It is so great to know I have support from girls all across the country and even Canada (love you Csquared!). If you have never been to Camp I beg you to go. It is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. You meet friends for life who will help you get through any difficult time you may have. I’m proud to say I already have my next flight planned….to Miami in June to compete with my Savage Sisters at Fitness Universe. Apparently, I only fly for Cathy!Allison, Michelle and Amy were at Camp Savage Boston 2011

THANK YOU so much for a fabulous weekend!!! I had such a great time and I learned so many new things!!!To Jodi, I was very inspired by your nutrition talks. To Cathy, I am very interested in working with you on new choreography! To all the Captains – WOW! You ladies are machines! Thank you for leading us in all the skills and workout sessions without missing a beat! Watching you work was some serious motivation!

Overall, I was very impressed with the level of knowledge all of you have of the industry! The message throughout the weekend was positive, consistent and uplifting. I truly appreciate the work you put into camp and the advice and suggestions you gave to me while I was there.

Amy Campbell, Ohio – Camp Savage Atlanta 2008

It is one thing to be part of such a wonder sisterhood as SOS but to actually get to experience it one on one at camp was invigorating! I’ve been doing SOS for nearly a year now and only have been able to fall in love with Cathy and Jodi via email and IM. It was such a great experience to meet them in Atlanta for the first time in person. Camp Savage was truly a wonderful experience and can’t wait to attend another. I will be brushing up on my Savage Sass for the next camp

Brooke Eshelman, Florida – Camp Savage Atlanta 2008

This past weekend at Camp Savage was an amazing experience. I have been on SOS since last June and no matter how great the programming is and how many times you watch the DVD’s, there is nothing like some hands on posing critiques and in person information sessions. After communicating with Cathy and Jodi online for the last 8 months, it was great to actually meet and really get to see their personalities – as well as interact with some of the fitness superstars that they brought along. Also, the chance to meet other girls in the same boat as you is a wonderful experience. No matter how alone you feel in your fitness journey, Camp Savage will prove that there are many girls out there just like you and you really can be successful in the fitness world no matter where you have been or what your current situation is. You just have to want it and be willing to work for it!

Delaine Ross, Georgia – Camp Savage Atlanta 2008

I had an amazing experience at Camp Savage in Atlanta! I’m so grateful to have met Cathy, Jodi and the rest of my fellow Savage girls in person. The coaches were hilarious! They kept me cracking up the whole weekend. They knew when to keep things light hearted but were very inspiring as well. I am proud to be part of a team again and have the support and knowledge of the sport right at my fingertips. I can’t wait to go back to camp again!

Megan Johnson, Florida – Camp Savage Atlanta 2008

Let me tell you about my experience at Camp Savage, Ok I can’t describe it. I have had the best time EVER. I was around confident woman who knew what they wanted and had the mind set to not let anyone stop them from achieving their goals. In just two days, I have become confident, carefree and secure in not only myself but in what I am capable of achieving. I look forward to competing and meeting more Savage girls. I am glad to be apart of such beautiful women! SAVAGE GIRLS ROCK!

Ramona Gray, Georgia – Camp Savage Atlanta 2008

I had the pleasure and honor to meet Cathy at Fitness Atlantic 2007. She was so nice to provide suggestions and advice on my appearance, which I took, and I wounded up placing 1st Runner Up.

I attended Camp Savage in Boston and it was a true eye-opener for me regarding the whole fitness industry. I’ve been competing for a year and a half and thought I knew what it took to compete – you just go on stage and smile, right? I don’t think so. You, Cathy, opened my eyes as to what a true art this profession truly entails. And while this may be a hobby, you still want to perform at your best. You took me deep into what it truly takes to be at your best the healthy way.

I feel more confident competing now because of all the awesome information provided at camp. And I will always be thankful to Cathy and her staff for making me feel like family. I can’t wait to attend another camp. Thank you CAMP SAVAGE!

Cheyenne Prawdzik, New Jersey – Camp Savage Boston

I just want to thank you all for such an amazing weekend that you all put on. I learned so much and met so many amazing women who were such an inspiration!!!! I want to mention one girl in particular…. Dotty….

Dotty to me exemplifies exactly what I had hoped to find through this experience. Here is a woman who had two lung transplants, a kidney transplant and you would never in a million years know it!!! And yet there she was in the back pushing us along, telling the “new ones” that we could do it, push through the pain, encouraging us to get through one more set!!! My Nana was a Dotty….. she would have been proud to have shared her name with someone like her….. A strong woman with a heart of gold!!! I just want you to know how appreciative I am to have met her and to be part of a thing that is far greater than I ever imagined!!!

There is a song that I want you to know I think of and now think of all of you…. “Realize” by Colbie Caillat. If you listen to the words it seems like something you would be saying to all us girls…. That you all realize our true potential even when we don’t and we need to realize it in ourselves….. I just want you to know that this weekend, you all showed me in different ways to just “BREATHE” and that with your guidance I can realize too that I can do this!! Thank you!! And thank you for Dotty!!

Courtney Lopes, Massachusetts – Camp Savage Boston

I have been working with Cathy and Jodi through the SOS program for a little while now. In January I attended my first Savage Camp. What can I say, what an experience!!! Working out with a group of women all sharing the same goals and aspirations was extremely motivating. However it was so much more than that. Everyone was friendly and supportive, staffers and campers alike. Many of us are alone in our training, so spending a weekend with 50 other women like me was encouraging. I know that I am not completely crazy, or if I am at least I am not the only one. I met some great girls and I am looking forward to seeing them on stage.

Emily Kirby, California

I had an amazing time at your camp. I love your spirit and enthusiasm! I learned so much and I was in awe of the support that everyone had for each other! Even though I am new to competing, you welcomed me and made me believe that I can compete. From the first night introductions, to Jodi’s nutrition talks and the names for the goofy poses – Stepford Wife anyone? I was laughing and learning until the end of camp. I will never forget this experience. Attending camp has given me the confidence to get up on that stage! I am looking forward to working with you!

Heather Schaefer, Virginia

What does a person who is on a program with you do if they are not into fitness modeling at camp? Why make friends with Dottie of course. I met some amazing people, had some great workouts and learned so much about nutrition while I was at camp! I hope others will consider going even if they think they may feel out of place because you will learn a lot and who can resist Dottie’s smile, who knows you may even put on heels before the weekend is over.

Kathy Saunders, Maine

Empowering. That is the first word that comes to mind when I reflect on my Camp Savage experience. Through their constant encouragement and pizzazz, Cathy and her team gave all of us the power to achieve. Plain and simple, the experience was amazing! Although I felt that I was a very motivated person prior to arriving at camp, I know that I left determined to work my tail off (quite literally) and get up on stage with the confidence knowing that I belonged up there. One of the main lessons I learned over the weekend is that being a competitor doesn’t just mean that you have a beautiful physique, great skin, and an attractive face. More than each of those, a competitor believes in herself and knows that she is worth all the attention. What an incredible lesson! Thanks Cathy, Jodi, lil’ P, and all!

Rachael Carbonneau, Maine

Let me tell you something….and I mean this from the bottom of my heart. I love you girls!!! You are phenomenal. You really know your stuff. I am so impressed. Camp this weekend was nothing less than the grooviest of groovy. I had a great time. It was so nice to see all these women come together as a team. I learned soooo much.

I knew that I wasn’t training hard enough so now it’s time to step up my game. Y’all worked the hell outta me!! But, that’s what I was there for. And it helped me correct certain exercises that I was doing wrong. I still don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do those strength moves, but I’ll try.

Cathy, I never imagined you being so silly. You’re truly a beautiful person. I love it!! And thanks for the compliment about my skin. I thank my mother and grandmother for passing it down to me. Jodi, I KNEW that you would be as goofy as your emails. Keep ’em comin’. Lil P, my caucasian soul sistah…words cannot say enough about you. You are, like I told you, a breath of fresh air. Your energy is electric. You’re just a little limber fireball. Dottie, you are very dedicated, heartfelt and you have such a positive aura about you. Thank you for helping me through training. You even made me laugh when you knew I was struggling. Jayme, you are an asset to us all and I thank you. Amy, Miss Got-It-Together, you are the organizer from heaven. If anything went wrong, I couldn’t tell. You and Jayme made it smooth as silk. Thanks!!!!

Camp taught me that…..I really am about to be 39 in a few months and that my ass is getting old!!!! But I know I can do it. I looked around and saw Lois and Anne looking stellar. And Miss I Dream of Jenie…she looked good as well. These women were just beautiful. I commend them all for their hard work and dedication!

Rochell Ringo, Michigan

This camp was AWESOME!!!!! I can’t say enough about how happy I am that I attended! Cathy, you are just THE BEST there is for girls interested in competing. Hands down, there’s no one better. You’re so genuine, caring, and make EVERY girl feel special. There is no question that your motives for doing what you do are soley to help others- no selfishness about you! You tell it like it is and that’s so important! And, Jody, you are da BOMB! You have such an extensive knowledge of training and nutrition, that I wish I could just hang out with you everyday so I could soak it all up. On top of that, your personality is so engaging. You’re hilarious and keep the conversations interesting. All the way around, this was such a great, highly informative experience filled with laughter, learning, inspiration, and bonding. I LOVED IT and hated to leave. Thank you so much for the help you provided. I can’t wait to get started.

And, to all the great girls I met there, I had such a great time getting to know you. Best of luck in the future and I hope we see each other again soon.

Leslie Lancaster, Louisiana – Camp Savage Atlanta 2008

To say the least, Camp Savage was ten times better than anything I expected! You and your team are genuine and inspiring. I came to camp knowing that I wanted to compete, but not knowing if I had the guts or the training…you all changed my mind real quick! Just being around you and your team made me feel more positive about myself and my abilities than I ever have before. When you had us lie on the floor with our eyes closed, you told us to ask ourselves what our purpose was. Purpose, that’s a mighty powerful word. I hope no one noticed that I had tears running down my face…because that was an extremely powerful exercise for me. Not just my purpose in regards to fitness competition, but my purpose in this life. Thank you Cathy, I’m on a journey now.

LyAnn Ware, Louisiana – Camp Savage Atlanta 2008

WOW! What a way to start 2008!

“Camp Savage” was an incredible experience and a great opportunity to meet other women who are as dedicated to their health as I am. For once, I wasn’t alone when I busted out “Meal #4” mid-lecture.

The information that was given out during the weekend was extremely helpful. What a great feeling it is to know that my coaches are 100% focused on my overall health and well-being, which is not necessarily a requirement in this sport.

This was my first “Camp Savage” experience and I see why so many girls come back for more. Thanks Team Savage!

Stephanie Ward, South Carolina – Camp Savage Atlanta 2008

I got in touch with Amy back in Sept/Oct 2007 when I decided I wanted to enter my first figure show. I thought I’d be ready the end of 2008. I had read many rave reviews of Cathy, her staff, and the girls that have attended camp. I figured I’d get some information and go from there. After corresponding via emails with Amy I had decided to go ahead and attend Winter Camp (Jan 08). I was nervous and excited at the same time. Thinking that I would be the only one not in tip top shape. Coming to camp everyone is there for their own reasons/goals and all different fitness levels. Cathy and Jodi had told me they see me ready for a May show. I was shocked, but I they are the professionals. I left camp feeling better prepared, more confident, new friends who understand what I am going through.

I am now officially getting ready for my first show (17 May). This is a life changing decision… on my path to a healthier me! Thanks so much to Cathy, Jodi, Paula, and all the Savage Gals (I think Savage Sisters). Looking forward to attending future camps and seminars!

Carrie Donvito, Florida – Camp Savage Boston

I was skeptical at first to go to camp since I was already signed for SOS, but with some convincing from Mel (my coach) I signed up for the West Palm Beach camp. It was such an amazing weekend!! Meeting the staff, and Cathy, and being surrounded by a group of incredible women with the same goals and mindset as you is such an awesome feeling that words can not describe; it’s like a environment filled with nothing but caring, supporting, encouraging, and positive vibes which is always good to be a part of!! Camp helped me light that fire under my booty to do what I need to do to get ready for the upcoming Miami show. Thank you so much Cathy and Mel, and the rest of the staff, for the unforgettable weekend, see you all real soon!!

Nadine Jean-Baptiste ~ Dubai