The Nation’s #1 Fitness and Figure Competition Preparation Camp

CAMP SAVAGE is the longest running camp in the fitness industry! There are other camps, but none like this one!

CAMP SAVAGE is the original camp for fitness and figure that teaches you about all the federations, not just one. During your weekend, you will meet amazing women just like yourself, and you will a part of something greater than the desire for a trophy. Learn every aspect of competition preparation in all major federations. Topics include: Nutrition and training, posing and stage presentation, breaking into fitness modeling, choosing a federation, sponsorships, hair and makeup, suit selection, choreography and strength for fitness, competing on a budget, the differences between figure, bikini and modeling and so much more! You are now part of a sisterhood of women who share this passion, this energy for life and this desire to excel!

You can check out photos from our recent camps on the Media page, or by clicking here!

Things to Bring to Camp Savage

  • Workout outfits (2-3)
  • Sneakers
  • Competition heels-if you don’t have some, any high heel shoe will do!
  • Bikini OR shorts and a tank top-a swimsuit is not necessary!
  • Snacks
  • Extra cash for Sweat suits/suits and Savage merch!
  • Camera- you may want to take pictures!
  • Notebook and pen
  • Casual clothes for nights
Boston Camps begin at different times. So please check for time starts. It is important to arrive early to register and get pictures and chat! We will introduce you to the staff and fellow Savage sisters so there is no need to be nervous! From the moment you walk in the studio, you know WHY you are there!

For our THREE day camps, after your hard work at camp on Saturday night, join us for our SAVAGE GIRLS PAJAMA PARTY back at the studio! Get ready for some girl fun with dancing and dinner! Camp will resume on Sunday morning. At certain camps, we offer a special yoga class at 8am. If you are attending the yoga class, you must arrive early! For those of you who choose NOT to participate in yoga, we will start at 9am and continue through the day until 2pm. If you are leaving for the airport from camp, we will assist in helping you with transportation details! Again, camps vary so be sure to ask what applies to our camp.

Frequently Asked Questions
Taken from actual emails

Q: I want to compete someday but as a Mom of three, I do not appreciate the use of steroids, and the hardcore, extreme approaches that I read about in the industry. What is the philosophy of CAMP SAVAGE?

A: That is a great question! I am also a mother and it pains me to see young, beautiful, intelligent women destroy their bodies with drug use and over-supplementation. Savage Girls are ALL NATURAL athletes. The Savage Girls are known in the industry for capturing the top fitness modeling jobs such as Nike, Bosu, television commercials, Reebok and many more, due to their feminine, attainable appearance. At CAMP SAVAGE, we show you the healthy approach to nutrition, training, and preparing for modeling assignments or fitness events, or just how to look great at the local PTA meeting!

Q: Do I need to be in perfect shape to attend CAMP SAVAGE?
A: I only expect one thing from anyone who attends Camp Savage and that is …willingness!! Once you participate in Camp Savage, your life will change for the better and you will realize that you are limitless in all aspects of life. Coming to Camp Savage will teach you how to get into the best shape of your life. We do not expect you to be in any specific shape to attend our camp!

Q: What happens if I signed up for camp and can’t make it? Can I get a refund?
A: Cancellations for camps are non-refundable, but PARTIAL credit will be given toward future camps. In the event a camp is sold out, and a cancellation takes place, a 50% camp credit will be given to future selected camps. There are no refunds for nutrition-related or training services provided and there are no transfers to other services. Credit cannot be transferred from one member to another. All services purchased must be used within one year from the date of purchase or it will expire.

Q: I have never competed before, do I need experience to attend?
A: Camp Savage is for beginners as well as veterans. There is always new information to cover so you may be sitting right next to a national champion who attends camp to receive the latest information as well as to get motivated for a new season.

Q: I have attended other camps that only talk about one federation. I am not certain where I want to comete.
A: Camp Savage covers all federations. Our athletes comete in multiple federations and our guest speakers all have experience in each division. We promote your ability to compete in whatever federation you desire. You will receive well rounded information throughout the weekend on all federations.

Q. Why don’t you hold more camps each year?
A. We hold approximately 3-4 camps per year, mostly in Boston, at our facility which is dedicated to competitive fitness and figure. We also occasionally hold camps in states such as Chicago, Pittsburgh, California, Atlanta, Florida and Canada. There are two reasons why I do not hold more camps. First, I am a mom of two children. I travel all over the country and Canada to many competitions with my clients so I do not want to spend every weekend away from my husband and kids. Second, I want all my camps to be REFRESHING. My staff and I put our hearts and soul into our camps and we know that if we held more camps, it wouldn’t be as special. We form a bond with everyone who attends our camp and we love that we only hold a few-it makes it so much more exciting!

Q. What will we do at camp? How much is training involved?
A. Every aspect of preparation is covered. You will not only receive the information necessary to compete but you will hear from competitors who share their experiences of competition preparation. With so many staff who have experience with every major federation, you will find a connection, and an expert, who can answer your questions. With regard to training, we do two-three training sessions during the weekend. However, if you ask any camper, they will tell you that the three posing segments are also quite a workout! We also “bust” a move in our “groove section” and there is also an opportunity to learn strength skills. The core of our training sessions is our Savage signature training (that is soon to be trademarked). Our method is progressive in nature so that you can modify movements based on your desired level of intensity.

Q. I am a bit insecure and I am not sure if a camp atmosphere will be right for me. How can I be assured that I won’t feel uneasy?
A. A CAMP SAVAGE experience is hard to describe in just a few words. All you need to do is look at our Camper Comments page to see how women, just like you, feel after they attend. Competing is a journey for sure, and at first, it can seem very scary, but when you are surrounded by a group of women, who share a common bond with you, it sets you free. Many women have described how this camp broke through some barriers that were once an issue for women and that they finally had the confidence to embark on their dream of competing. As a competition coach, it is my job to not only help you prepare for a show, but to find a way to tap into any obstacle preventing you from having confidence in yourself. We have been incredibly successful in this venture as our coaching style enables us to bring out your best.

Q. Who are your role models?
A. Well of course, my parents are my greatest mentors. They were both teachers, actually my father was Principal of the school I attended and later became Superintendent of Schools so education runs in my blood. I have learned how to educate and motivate and to never let my athletes give up on themselves. I have absolutely learned from my parents’ example.

*CSF Liability Waiver: By attending Camp Savage, you agree to the following:

  1. I understand that any exercise regimen I pursue may create physical stress resulting in harmful effects.
  2. I agree that it is my sole responsibility to consult a physician prior to commencing any exercise program.
  3. I understand that my involvement in this or any activity may result in injury and that I am solely responsible for any injury I may suffer as a result.
  4. I agree that Cathy Savage Fitness LLC will have no liability of any kind to me or any member of my family for any injury whatsoever, that I hereby waive any such claims for injury or illness of any kind and that I undertake all activities with Cathy Savage Fitness LLC at my own risk.
  5. I have no knowledge of any physical or other limitations that may prevent me from safely engaging in any of the physical activities available through Cathy Savage Fitness LLC and I will inform Cathy Savage Fitness LLC of any adverse changes in my physical condition. In the event of any camp cancellation due to bad weather, storms, etc, campers who are preregistered will receive full camp credit to any scheduled future camp savage of their choice. There are no refunds for any camp, workshop or seminar.